Top 5 games ported in Steam on Linux Review

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Steam | Low priced | Low specs required

Very few | Low graphics quality | Only Action/FPS titles so far

When Steam’d Penguins article published earlier this summer I have to admit, I was a little shocked that Steam will be ported into a native Linux application. Hence, I can’t wait for the official release to purchase the first title, probably L4D2. However a week and a half ago Valve Linux Team published another article claiming that Ubuntu gaming performance outperforms Windows 7. And yet the benchmark comparison is not what everyone should expected, the numbers cannot lie.

I still can’t live with the fact that Linux or OpenGL outperforms a thousand dollars platform like Windows, DirectX and XNA. Truly, our benchmarks here at UbuntuXtreme shows quite the opposite, running Unigine Heaven with OpenGL.

So for the next few months the developers of Steam will have working on native Linux version, like little lemmings to create the most extensive and advanced gaming experience in Linux seen any modern game up to date.

The end result is just a better optimized version of current Steam via Wine, a free visual & performance update add-on that introduces the OpenGL-to-DirectX translator, dynamically running a plethora of graphical enhancements for both OpenGL and DirectX, and a high-resolution texture pack only suitable for use on graphics cards with proprietary blob.

OpenGL 4.2 hardware tessellation is a massive feature, but it will be not until 2014 that Steam will use this feature, heaving originally omitted from DirectX and well-known engines like CryEngine3 along with latest technologies like Paralaxx, Occlusion Mapping and full-resolution High Dynamic Range motion blur, making the game’s use of camera more realistic.

The end-result even with low system settings will be great since the first titles are not GPU hungry and the majority of titles are born in 2009/2010. That been told, the next year will be the entry level of Steam into Linux, debugging and adding titles for Linux gamers. Thankfully, Ubuntu will be a pioneer in that state and UbuntuXtreme will be always present to provide you VGA performance tests.

Index Review

  1. Introduction
  2. Retro vs Modern gaming
  3. How Valve ports games in Linux
  4. Linux Steam outperforms Windows ?
  5. Game: Left 4 Dead 2
  6. Game: Garshasp: The Monster Slater
  7. Game: Serious Same 3: BFE
  8. Game: Interstellar Marines
  9. Game: Monster Truck Racing
  10. The Verdict
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  • Dean Thomson

    Luckily I am ready. I have a Phenom 1090t overclocked to 4ghz and gtx 670. 😀 Can’t wait for Steam on Linux without the need for Wine.

  • peterp77

    Thanks Dude. That was very informative.